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Mobile Mechanic Serving Pembroke Pines, FL

Are you tired of the inconvenience and hassle of taking your car to a traditional mechanic shop?

Sinclair Mobile Tire Services brings reliable and professional auto repair services and vehicle maintenance right to your doorstep.

Call us, and we'll deliver the best mobile mechanic service you could ask for!

What Services Do We Offer

Sinclair Mobile Tire Services specializes in providing top-notch mobile auto repair services. Here's a list of what we currently offer:

Routine Maintenance

We offer complete synthetic oil changes, filter replacements, spark plug replacements, tire rotations, fluid checks, and other essential services to keep your ride running smoothly.


General Repairs

Our mobile mechanics can deliver general car repair services, including belt and hose replacements, fuel system repairs, brake pads replacements, and more.


Emergency Roadside Assistance

We also offer emergency services such as jump-starts, mobile tire repairs, and lockout assistance to get you back on the road quickly.


Battery Services

Our team can test your dead battery, identify issues, and replace it if necessary, ensuring your vehicle starts reliably.


Diagnostic Services

We have advanced diagnostic tools to identify and troubleshoot various vehicle problems effectively.


Air Conditioning Services

From checking refrigerant levels to repairing leaks and faulty components, we can help restore your car's AC system.


Electrical Repairs

Our skilled mobile mechanics can diagnose and fix electrical issues, including faulty lights, power windows, spark plugs, and complex electrical systems.


Pre-Purchase Inspections

Before buying a used car, we can conduct a thorough inspection to ensure the vehicle is in good condition and free of major issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of mobile mechanic?

A mobile mechanic refers to any professional who provides automotive repair and maintenance services directly at the customer's location, offering convenience and flexibility for vehicle owners.

How much do most mechanics charge per hour?

The hourly charges for most mechanics vary depending on factors like location, experience, and the type of service required, but they typically range from $50 to $150 per hour.

What are the advantages of a mobile mechanic?

The advantages of a mobile mechanic include the convenience of on-site repairs, time saved by avoiding trips to a garage, and personalized service that caters to the customer's schedule.

What is a mechanic used for?

Mechanics are used for diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining vehicles, ensuring they operate efficiently and safely by addressing mechanical, electrical, and technical issues.

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Get Your Car Fixed at Sinclair Mobile Tire Services

Don't have time to visit the mechanic because of a busy schedule?

Experience the convenience, quality, and expertise of Sinclair Mobile Tire Services.


Schedule an appointment today and enjoy our mobile mechanic service today!

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